How to counter Israeli Mythology: Speak factually, think logically


Hoping to deflect attention from the obvious cornerstones of this 90-year old conflict, Israel and its supporters have contrived a series of myths, lies and half-truths to confuse the public.

The way it works is, Israel builds a dramatic, mostly fictional picture of their situation to serve as an excuse. This usually involves reviving the memories of the holocaust and alleging that Israel is merely trying to prevent it from happening again at the hands of the bloodthirsty, Nazi-conspiring Arabs. The excuse is then used as the basis for committing flagrant violations of international law. Such violations usually involve waging war, invading & occupying foreign land, transferring its population to said land, stealing natural resources, denying natives of basic human rights, etc. Unfortunately, for Israel, the facts simply don’t add up to a valid excuse.

Therefore, the solution to countering such excuses is to lay out widely-accepted facts and apply basic logic. Always refer to the basic principles of equality and human rights. For a timeless example of this in action, please see the following short video:


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