Tension in the Middle East in 2010

Tense is the word to describe what is going on in the Middle East right now.
It has been building over the last few years at a faster and faster rate. We have Arab leaders making quiet, but tense visits to each others’ countries with the sole intention of urging against violence. At the same time, Lebanon is pushing for Lebanese unity, as if it expects its fragile coexistence between its seven religions to be put to the test in the near future. Hezbollah has been quiet as well.
The Israeli president is in Egypt with the dictator, Hosni Mubarak, to push for the Palestinians to accept direct negotiations despite Israel continuing to violate of the terms of the international community.
Looking further east, it is getting quite clear that something is going to go down with Iran in the near future. The United States looks like its abandoning its strategy of sanctions, and even pulling Russia on its side.
Up to the minute, last night Israel bombed Gaza again, injuring 31 people and rocket fire (as petty as it is) has picked up over the past few days.
What I say might very well be surface talk with no real credibility (since I am not directly involved in any of the above conflicts), but it is apparent to me that there will be another war in the region in the very near future. And they are just going to get bigger and bigger until shit really hits the fan.

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