Hoping to deflect attention from the obvious cornerstones of this 90-year old conflict, Israel and its supporters have contrived a series of myths, lies and half-truths to confuse the public.

The way it works is, Israel builds a dramatic, mostly fictional picture of their situation to serve as an excuse. This usually involves reviving the memories of the holocaust and alleging that Israel is merely trying to prevent it from happening again at the hands of the bloodthirsty, Nazi-conspiring Arabs. The excuse is then used as the basis for committing flagrant violations of international law. Such violations usually involve waging war, invading & occupying foreign land, transferring its population to said land, stealing natural resources, denying natives of basic human rights, etc. Unfortunately, for Israel, the facts simply don’t add up to a valid excuse.

Therefore, the solution to countering such excuses is to lay out widely-accepted facts and apply basic logic. Always refer to the basic principles of equality and human rights. For a timeless example of this in action, please see the following short video:


For those who don’t know, Richard Goldstone is a lifelong supporter of Israel and self-described Zionist. Last year, he released a report about the way in which Israel and HAMAS conducted themselves during the December 2008 – January 2009 Gaza Massacre (Operation Cast Lead). He determined that both sides committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.

It provided evidence to show that Israel aimed to “punish, humiliate and terrorize” the civilian population of Gaza. This ranges from shooting children with white flags at point blank range, to the systematic destruction of mosques. Israel and its supporters have done everything in their power to discredit the report, but have failed miserably. Until now, they are yet to provide any proof to disprove the report in any way.

The worst part for Israel is that their usual propaganda against its critics does not work on Goldstone. He cannot be called an anti-Semite, self-hating Jew, or holocaust denier. As the Israeli journalist, Gideon Levy brilliantly put it, Goldstone is “propaganda proof”.

Therefore, Goldstone and his report remain an undying headache for Israel.



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